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Hi I’m Shanaya! I’ll be 18 and i living 2 km from the Angels Home. Since the 5th of june I do an internship at the Angels Home.

Ice Cream Dansala

Some have even managed to devour 4 ice creams :-) Some have even managed to devour 4 ice creams

Since Poson day is around the corner, a lot of people organize "Dansala" where you get free food or drinks. This a Buddhist practice that teaches people to be giving. Angels' home received an invitation to attend an ice cream dansala this morning. Who can say no ice cream? Forming a long line in pairs, off we went. The place was pretty crowded but we managed to eat 2 rounds of ice cream. The luckier girls had 4 ice creams! Though it was still morning, ice cream was such a great escape from the hot weather. Sticky hands too. Eck. All the girls and the matrons had fun from this little outing. 

Eines unserer Mädchen will die Welt erobern
Drei braune Hühner und ein Weißes auf dem Fahrrad
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