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Hi I’m Shanaya! I’ll be 18 and i living 2 km from the Angels Home. Since the 5th of june I do an internship at the Angels Home.

Getting lost in books.

Reading is fun Reading is fun
The library sorted and cleaned
Giant selection of children and textbooks

For the past three days Subashini and I undertook the task of cleaning up the library. Disna came as well and both of them were a great support. We cleaned the shelves from top to bottom and then placed the books in order. We did this with the help of an excel sheet stating all the books with the relevant number. There have been situations where we drowned in all sorts of books! Plus, we had a productive break too by fixing puzzles in some of the puzzle books. For the rest it's cracking jokes and laughing till our stomach hurts. But we got work done. Library can be fun!  

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