Goodbye Pearl of the Indian Ocean

A relatively long time, during which I was confronted with many impressions, is over now. Even though, it appears rather short in retrospect, it still roused many different reactions within myself. While I am writing this, I am sitting in Frankfurt and trying to settle back in, getting used to the daily routine again.

And doing so I realized that three months can be estimated as a brief period of time, but, nevertheless can move a lot within oneself.

By now the summer has also arrived back home, so that everything blossoms in various shades of green around me and reminds me of the tea plantations in Ella. When I am looking out of the window, there is no big garden, no sight of coconut trees, the sea disappeared and it is almost wondrous when the twittering of birds breaks through the background noise of the city.

Due to this changed perspective of the surroundings and various other impressions, one realizes rather fast what it means to be back on the home continent. Meanwhile, the life in Sri Lanka seems very far away. Nevertheless, my stay in Sri Lanka will remain in my memory as a very special time.

The last moments I have shared with the girls and my following journey through Sri Lanka contributed to a great conclusion of our time together.

Bild1Once I took the first bus to Galle after my departure- between loads of others who tried not to fall victim to the adventurous driving style of the bus driver- it became clear to me, how intensely I have been integrated into the daily life and world of the Angels Home and that now a confrontation with other facets of the country awaited me. When I arrived in Galle, I felt surprised by the sight of other tourists, when I was given fork and knife at the restaurant and suddenly had to remind myself of taking my shoes with me everywhere I went.

But there where still moments when I was confronted with cultural characteristics or traditions I have already familiarized with during my time at the Angels Home. This way, I had the feeling of being somehow connected with the country and I am sure that my stay in Sri Lanka will remain an unforgettable experience because I was also given the opportunity to approach the country and its culture from the perspective of those people who grew up in it and influence it henceforth.

Bild2Even though, Sri Lanka has a relatively small dimension on our globe- as the little pearl it appears rather inconspicuous next to India- the step out of the Angels Home, was a step in to a completely different chaos and agitation at first. But due to the diversity of Sri Lanka it was possible to find a place of rest, listen to the sound of the waves, admire the elephants in Udawalawe or simply enjoy the train ride from Ella to Kandy.

On the way, many things were different from the life I have experienced at the Angels Home, but still I was able to recall various memories from my time with the girls, that I then shared with others. Sometimes I had to laugh, sometimes they made me thoughtful.

To be back home now, means that my time in Sri Lanka has come to an end, but the thoughts, memories and feelings that are connected to it will subsist. Although it is time for a new direction now, one will always remember which road has been walked before.

Bild3 Bild4

Dear girls,
I wish you all the best for your future way, wherever it might carry you. Your strength, vividness and optimism are impressive and admirable. Thank you for the time I have spent with you.

(Bild 5)


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