Take me by the hand and show me your world.

By now I have already spent more than three weeks here at the Angels Home for Children.
I feel that I have already settled in quite well. I got used to my duties as a volunteer and the daily routine at our children's home. Within this period of time the girls grew very dear to my heart and make me happy every single day!

Even though, they can be real drama queens sometimes, try to dodge garden work and are fighting over their colored pencils, these are mostly just short moments of moodiness.

The girls are always in a good mood on the swings!Although, I am already familiar with the organization of the day, it is still incredible to realize that I am spending almost the whole day together with the girls since the last few weeks and this way, also share the intimacy of their daily routine. It starts in the morning, when I open the door to the girls ‘dormitories before sunrise and the smell of sleep meets me at the threshold. I am the one who has to wake them up- sometimes gently, the ones that suffer from morning grumpiness rather less gently- and interrupt their journey in slumber land, so that they can get prepared for school. Meanwhile the early breakfast silence is still predominating, caused by the dazed feeling from sleep, everyone is lost in own thoughts. This silence is over at the latest, when the girls are trying to gather their things together and the toothpaste is being distributed. At this stage, I always have to listen to moaning when “Sensodyne” ends up on their toothbrush instead of “Signal”.

Every morning all the girls are brushing their teeth together.Nevertheless, almost everything sorts itself out every morning because the girls are so familiar with the daily morning procedure that they are able to make themselves ready for school independently. They also support each other, for example with the plaiting of their beautiful hair that always makes me jealous 😉

Every morning, I am impressed how independent the younger girls are already. Especially, when I see how thoroughly the little Anne brushes her teeth and uses so much soap for her face that she looks like a small ghost.

In the next moment, I sit there motionless because I start to think about the reasons that make Anne’s early independence necessary. Sometimes, it is difficult to let the thought come too close to oneself that some girls here do not have a family outside of the Angels Home and it is barely possible to fully understand the meaning of their situation. I am often left with a feeling of speechlessness because this situation feels so surreal to me. Especially, when I think about my family being such a constant part of my life, that is subconsciously accepted as a naturalness.

There is something new to talk about every dayIt seems important to me, to create a consciousness for the situation of the girls, but at the same time also realize that the Angels Home represents a home for them. That they support one another and give each other a feeling of security, but also affection. Within a community where they reach out to each other, when no one else is there to do so.

The same way they are sharing light, pleasant moments, they are also able to sense another girls’ sadness and react with consolation. But sometimes the girls just need a moment for themselves. A moment when they have time to themselves, time for a consideration of their thoughts. The other girls are able to feel this need for seclusion and respect it as soon as it appears.

Sometimes we need a moment for ourselvesEven though, the work here can be exhausting sometimes, it is still fulfilling and when the girls ask me whether I am tired on some evenings, I notice that I am tired- but very happy at the same time. It is lovely to be part of their world and after I spent half of the day in Colombo when I needed to extend my Visa, I was relieved when I eventually escaped the chaos in this big city and returned to our girls in Marawila.

I enjoy the afternoons with the girls and every day they bring a smile to my face:
When they are listening to my singing expectantly and I can finally accompany them with some chords, meanwhile they are passionately performing their favorite Sinhalese pop songs.

Maduwanthi und Piumi prefer grapesWhen Piumi, Maduwanthi and Subani ask me about my favorite fruit, and a disgusted expression appears on their face when I tell them how much I like Papaya.

When Padmini breaks into loud laughter because the tiny shuttlecock flies into every imaginable direction, but not in Hanna’s way, who is waiting to return those futile attempts.

It is always nice to talk to PabodaniWhen Aruni is performing some sort of gymnastics on my lap and inspects my legs for tiny hair with a concentrated facial expression. She would love to pluck them out, while the girls are dancing around us and Subani searches my hair for lice at the same time.

In those moments, I always have to grin quietly to myself because I become aware of the oddity of those scenes and simultaneously, I have this feeling again. The feeling that it is great to be just right where I am.

There is still a lot and every time more that is on my mind. Especially, some conversations that I have with the girls, make me feel thoughtful. Those conversations bring out their own special characteristics and I am thankful that they share their own perspective of the world with me.

I am still perceiving a big amount of different impressions that intensify, deepen or change. However, I am curious to see, how the following weeks will develop. But right now, especially in the mornings, when slight pink strings appear in the sky meanwhile the sun rises, I sit with the girls and listen to their morning prayers, completely lost in thought, I feel simply happy.