Just a few days and nevertheless, so many impressions.

Get up at 5 o'clock in the morningThis morning at the Angels Home for Children, began with an early shift.
Together with Hanna we made our way to the girls' dormitories around five o'clock and woke them up.
By now, the whole morning procedure became a habit with Hanna but I was really surprised when I have heard that the girls start every day with sport in the morning.
Meanwhile, the sky is still illuminated with the moon's faint light and covered in stars, the girls circle over the garden to warm themselves up. Afterwards, they have breakfast and pray together, before they finally go to school. Even though, this is one of the first days that started for me this morning, it feels like I have already spent more time at the Angels Home for Children.

Finally, I have arrived in Sri Lanka.
After I made it through the passport control and collected my backpack I was cordially welcomed at the airport entrance by one of the other interns, Hanna, and two older girls from the Angels Home which are called Disna and Pabodani. I could already feel the heat within the first moments of my arrival, therefore I was glad when Hanna handed me a bottle of water which I accepted thankfully. During the arrival the girls already gave me a pleasant feeling of being welcomed. And when we finally arrived at the Angels Home, after a longer car drive -which was accompanied by various smells which flew in through the window, the background noise of the chaotic traffic and traditional music- I was greeted by Jana, Valentina and Frank.

All the interns had rice and curry for lunch, naturally without any cutlery. During the meal, they were talking about the Angels Home for Children, the girls, but also about themselves and shared some of the experiences they have already made during their stay here. You could notice directly what a harmonic team they seem to be and how well they can work together.
Therefore, they already have their own group dynamic and of course at first you automatically feel like "the new one".
However, I have to say that it is one of my first days which started this morning and in addition, the other interns, but also the girls at the Angels Home, have received me very warmly.
Although, it is scarcely imaginable Hanna, Valentina and Jana also arrived as newcomers in the beginning of their internship, but settled in by now and managed to memorize all of the girls' names. So there is some hope that I will do the same ?

Well, who are you?Already, during the first day at the Angels Home, I noticed how openly the girls reacted to my arrival. Some already knew my name or approached me directly, but almost all of them faced me with a smile, so that there was no other option than to return one with joy. Nevertheless, I know that I also represent a newcomer for the girls at the moment: On the one hand, they regard me with curiosity and on the other hand, some others react more shyly. All the same, I already felt very close to some of the girls when we went swimming yesterday and I am really looking forward to get to know them even better in the following weeks.

Off to the poolYesterday afternoon a group went for a swim in the swimming pool and I had the luck to join them. Together we hopped into the water and swam for some time.
While doing so, the small Omalmi stuck close to me and together we floated around the pool. I had a feeling of real joy when I saw all the girls around me in this moment.

Omalmi next to me, her hair completely confused due to the water, a wide smile on her face and her little arms with the water wings splashing widely in the water, so that both of our faces got spattered with water.
Udenika, how she proudly presents her diving skills and Padmini who wants to avoid diving and prefers to shyly try out her own swimming method, without losing her curious overview of the events. And Chethana, the oldest of the girls, moving through the water self-confidently and despairing of the backstroke she is trying to learn, but still enjoying it.
Those moments in the water were so full of lightness and I had the feeling of being just at the right place in the world.

Currently, I am still going through a phase of settling in. Nevertheless, this phase is being made easier for me by everyone here at the Angels Home for Children, so that I already feel very comfortable within the company of the girls. The following weeks I will have to familiarize myself with the different responsibilities the interns take care of at the Angels Home for Children and right now I am still trying to grasp all those new impressions:

Omalmi, our flower girl.The rising and orange shining moon on the first night of my arrival, the morning silence, which gets interrupted by the shrill screams of the peacocks, the overwhelming heat and the panorama of coconut trees that surround the Angels Home. Yesterday morning I got surprised by the sight of a coconut picker who climbed the tree so easily that it left me with a feeling of perplexity for a few moments. Hearing about it is so different than really seeing it with your own eyes.
And also the silence which remained after the girls left for school this morning, compared with their arrival from school when they fill up the house with live- at the Angels Home these are already ordinary parts of the daily routine but for me it is still a very special start of the day.

Regards from the Angels Home,


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