Voluntarily active with a relief organization

Tara1Hello everyone!

My name is Tara O’Sullivan, I am 18 years old and Julia and Frank gave me the special opportunity to begin a two-and-a-half-month internship at the “Angels Home for Children” in Sri Lanka which will start around the fifth of March, this year.

I was born and raised in Frankfurt am Main, where I also completed my exams last year and therefore finished with my school studies.
After this stage of life ended for me I was confronted with various questions.
One of these questions was which direction I wanted to take in the future for myself.
The most obvious solution would have been to write some applications and send the documents to different universities within Germany with the intent to start my studies as soon as possible.

But instead, my application ended up with Julia and Frank in Sri Lanka.
Already during the period of graduation I was considering to actively contribute to the work of a non-governmental organization as a volunteer.
Therefore, I was really glad to eventually come across the “Dry Lands Project e.V.”.

After I dealt more closely with Frank’s organization and learned more about the “Angels Home for Children” through the contact with Julia, I finally decided to try my luck and apply for the internship in Sri Lanka- and ultimately it worked out!

Tara2I feel delighted to have received the opportunity to travel to Sri Lanka and form part of an organization that seems to attach value to the sustainability of its work.
And this is the precondition to enable the possibility of seizing new future opportunities with the girls and broaden their professional perspective together.
Because this is the way which enables us, not only to venture but also take the step towards more self-responsibility, autonomy and independence.

Despite all the euphoria and delight, I am still aware of the fact that the “Angels Home for Children” is an institution for orphaned and neglected girls that already had to see themselves confronted with difficult situations during their childhood which leave a lasting impression.
Nevertheless, besides all the challenges that remain, I am still looking forward to all the fantastic moments that can arise within the company of the girls.
I am looking forward to not only learn with, but also from them.
How will the following weeks with the girls develop?
Secretly, I hope that I can share my enthusiasm for music and literature with them and therefore get the opportunity to create the first connection. ????

In the upcoming weeks I will write about the experience I will share with the girls, here in Marawila.
I decided to publish my articles both in English and German, to make it possible for friends and family from outside Germany to follow my journey- if they should get curious ????

See you soon,