Janet Fawson. Books from England. 01.11.2008

 I was met at the airport on 26.10.08 by a welcome party which included Frank, Matron, Mali, Chanchala, Dinesha and Rukmal. I felt instantly at ease with such a warm welcome. Later I met the German Student Sophie and was also introduced to the Staff and Children at the Angels home. These children are extremely polite, well mannered and motivated.

 They have a structured life at the Angels home and contribute to some of the daily household tasks. Each child also has a garden task and sweeps the paths every day. Children are taught many domestic tasks and will all be equipped with the necessary skills by the time they are ready to leave the Angels home for independent living.

The environment at the home is caring and supportive. Both the emotional and physical needs of the children are being catered for. I became involved with Dry Lands Project after my first visit to Sri Lanka in late 2006 and now sponsor Mali.

It was then my ambition to visit these children and to bring something from Britain which would be useful for them. Presently the children are learning English at different levels so I asked for Frank´s permission have a number of books shipped to Sri Lanka to coincide with my arrival.

In England I launched a book appeal and received 2230 books which are in good condition. Friends and relatives have also helped to pay the shipping costs. After my arrival a trip was organized for us to claim these books at Colombo. The boxes were checked by customs. After 2 hours of waiting and following Sri Lankan procedures we were allowed to organize the delivery to the Angels home.


I feel delighted to be able to offer something that will benefit the children´s education. Julia, Sophie and I are now busy putting the library together and sorting books into different categories.

30-10-books 30-10-books_1

30-10-books_3 30-10-books_4 30-10-books_5




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